New for the Web

  • Dynamic IntelliSense for JavaScript with vastly superior performance and completeness relative to VS08
  • A new editor for web developers with code-focused productivity through HTML/ASP.Net snippets
  • Seamless packaging and publishing of web applications to hosted and enterprise IIS servers
  • Config transformations for packaging and deployment scenarios
  • Standards based CSS 2.1 rendering in Design View
  • Silverlight 3 support with interactive XAML designer
  • Multi-targeting support to build applications for ASP.NET 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0

Dynamic IntelliSense for JavaScript

This is one of the coolest features in Visual Studio 2010.  IntelliSense for dynamic languages like JavaScript has always be problematic.  Types and even functions can be added to classes dynamically at runtime.  Now in Visual Studio you’ll have IntelliSense on these dynamically created types.  Shown below is an example where jQuery was dynamically extended with a new detonate effect and the IntelliSense that follows.


Snippets for HTML and JavaScript

HTML, ASPX and JavaScript files now have full support for Visual Studio’s snippets.  No more having to type runat=”server” on every control.  There are hundreds of new snippets included in Visual Studio 2010.

For example field validation can now be added in just a few key strokes.  After the snippet is inserted you’ll only need to fill-in the unique pieces of information highlighted below.


Packaging and Deployment

Visual Studio 2010 now has the ability to completely package and deploy a web application including all it’s IIS settings, Databases and Application logic.

There is a new 1-click publishing experience that simplifies publishing and updating your sites.

In addition to 1-click publishing there are extensive packaging options to control what specific IIS settings you want included with your package.

You can even include custom database scripts to run when your package is installed.

As part of the packaging process you can also run custom transforms on web.config that allow you update any section of web.config with custom settings unique to the deployment.

For example you can replace database connection strings and web service end points.


CSS 2.1 Layout Rendering in Design View

The HTLM and ASPX designer has been updated with support for CSS 2.1 layout rendering including attribute selectors.  The designer will now faithfully render your CSS 2.1 standards compliant markup.

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