I have started exploring SharePoint 2010 and today I have found one of the new features of this version. In this version we can set a column with a unique value in a list. Like I have a column “title” in the list and I want to have this column unique values. Although this can be done in SharePoint 2007 but for this you need to create a custom feature and need to attach some event handlers to the list and then you have to code to check the uniqueness but in this version it is already developed, let see how can we implement a list having unique values.

Create a new List and I am naming it “ListwithUniqueValues”.

In this list there is a built-in column “Title”, so I am not creating a new column for unique values but you can create a new column by going list settings and clicking on create a new column. Click on the title column and check enforce unique values Save the column and go to the list and all some values. I am adding “First” in title field for first entry. Now when I try to add another entry with “first” title it shows error. When I type “second” it works fine. It was quite simple, let me know in case of any confusion.