Hi reader

We have developed a BCS service which takes data from a SQL server data base using web services, we have created an external list in SharePoint which is connected to the BCS service anad displays data, everything was workig fine but client raised a requirement to have some custom control on the external list form, for example client want to see a dropdown for status of an order, by defalut external list displays data in text boxes, just like below screenshot

After spending almost 2 days, I have got the solution which might save ur 2 days J

Idea is that we will create a custom control that will render a dropdown with all possible values, in the sample application I have included some dummy values. We will configure our BDC modal to use our custom control for displaying field on forms.

This is my class which defines creat child control method pf my custom control which renders a dropdown with fixed entries.

Following class uses above class for rendering

Before moving forward, create a simple list and create a column with your custom field, and perform all CRUD operations to make sure custom control is working well.

My BDC modal class with 2 methods

Read list and read item modal configuration, this is the most important part.

Where “EmailField” is class name of my custom control

So final screen look like

That’s it very simple, let me know if you get confused anywhere.