Step 1: Start Server Manager

To start Server Manager, click: Start Menu -> All Programs -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager. The Server Manager window opens.

Figure 2: Server Manager

Step 2: Adding a Server Role

  • In the Server Manager, select Roles.
  • The Role Summary View is displayed.

Figure 3: Start Add Roles Wizard

Step 3: Start the Add Roles Wizard

  • Click Add Roles.
  • The Add Roles Wizard opens.
  • Click Next to select roles to install.

Figure 4: Add Roles Wizard Introduction

Step 4: Choose Web Server (IIS) Role to Install

  • Check Web Server (IIS).

Figure 5: Check Web Server (IIS) in Add Roles Wizard

Step 5: Web Server Role depends on WAS

The Add Roles Wizard notifies you on any required dependencies; since IIS depends on the Windows Process Activation Service (WAS) feature, the following informational dialog displays.

  • Click Add Required Role Services to continue.


Figure 6: Add Dependencies

Web Server is now selected for install. The Select Server Roles dialog box opens.


Figure 7: Selected Web Server (IIS)

  • Click Next to continue.

Step 6: Additional Information

The following dialog box and information displays.


Figure 8: Introduction to Web Server Dialog

  • Click Next to continue

Step 7: View IIS 7.0 Features

The Add Roles Wizard displays a list of all IIS 7.0 features available to install as shown below. Note that features comprising the default install are pre- selected.


Figure 9: Web Server Features Listed

Note: To install just the IIS 7.0 default features, click the Install button and then proceed to Step 10 below. If you need to install additional features, proceed to Step 8.

Step 8: Select Additional IIS Features to Install

For this example, we install additional IIS features:

  • Start by checking the box for ASP.NET. The following dialog displays.
  • The Wizards warns if adding an IIS feature will also cause other features to be installed.


Figure 10: Dependency Information

  • Click Add Required Role Services to continue.

Step 9: Select Additional IIS Features to Install

Continue selecting additional IIS Role Services features to Install:

  • Check the features you require.


Figure 11: Add Features For Web Server

  • When you have selected all the features you require, click Next to continue.

Step 10: Summary of Features to Install

  • The Wizard provides a summary of what will be installed, as shown below


Figure 12: Summary of Features

  • Click Install to continue.

Step 11: Install Progress

After clicking Install, the install progress dialog opens.


Figure 13: Install Progress

Step 12: Install Complete

When IIS 7.0 install is complete, the following dialog opens. Click Close to return to the Server Manager.


Figure 14: Installation Summary

Step 13: Check IIS 7.0 install

You can now perform a quick check to verify that IIS 7.0 is installed.

  • Start Internet Explorer web browser and enter the address http://localhost.
  • You should see the default IIS “Welcome” page.

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