Quick steps are one click handlers that performs some operations. Now with SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint designer 2010 it is possible to define quick steps easily.

In this post, we are going to see how we can add new ECB options for list items and also see how to add button in existing ribbon tab. These both options are now possible with SharePoint Designer 2010.

Creating ECB menu option in MOSS 2007 requires creating feature targeting edit control block with CustomActions and deploying it on server.

However there is one limitation for adding control in existing ribbon tab. You cannot have JavaScript function, showing message, disabling controls etc. when creating quick step using Designer 2010. These all can be done via in feature. We will have a detailed post in this topic going forward which is a vast topic.

Open you site and select a list, you will see “New Quick Steps” menu on the top right side.

Let’s go ahead and create one ECB menu option for lists. Open SharePoint Designer 2010. Connect with the site. If you notice, SPD2010 is way different from SPD2007. There are so many differences. SPD2010 looks very clean and clear. It gives very user friendly interface than SPD2007.

Click on Lists and Libraries and choose the list on which you want to create ECB menu item. I have created a new list “Quick Step List”

Double click on the Tasks List to make it open on right side panel, you will see list work flows and custom actions on the top ribbon, we can create new custom actions and work folws from here

When you click on custom action you will see 5 options

I am using “List Item Menu” for this demo because I want to add a quick action on all items page for the list. After clicking you will see the following screen.

Give the name and description. Here you can choose if you have your own page, you can send user to this page with parameters. If you want to initiate any workflow you can do that from here. Or you can also send user to any other url that you wish.

Just to demonstrate i am using Google image and redirecting user to google.com from ECB menu. So mention that URL, use 16 by 16 image of Google, which will be shown to user in the menu item. And finally click on OK. And you are almost done. Remember this image should be in the IMAGES folder under 14 hive. (New structure, not 12 hive like in MOSS 2007)

Save it and move to list item page and create a new entry.

Click on the link and you will be moved to google home page

If you want to edit settings for this quick action, there is a panel for quick actions settings, find you setting and edit it.

Same actions can be added for new disp and edit form, have a try.

Special thanx to SharePointKings for helping me to write this post.