Debugging the SharePoint Timer job was really a tough job for me, i searched on the web and found so many solutions but they did not work at my system (i dont know why). Finally i did a trick to debugg the timer service, i added the following line of code in the timer service job where you want to have a break point:


after compiling the solution and restarting my timer service it came with the following popup options :


  • Abort– means you want to stop timer service instance
  • Retry- means you want to debugg the code
  • ignore- means ignore this message and continue the execution of the code

for debugging i selected retry and it opened another screen


selected new instance of CLR debugger, it showed the following screen


after pressing F10 two times it did enable debugging like this


here i did normal debugging by pressing F10 and F11 keys


you can also use breakpoints here


hope this helps

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